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I've met so many cute guys on l know it's untrue. But last month I even had my first ever bisexual dating experience! I'll definitely do that again! I was nervous at first but interesting once we got going! There are various groups you can join online as well that are interested in different fetishes.

Well, so some of the guys you may also meet on this site are pretty unappealing, but you can simply block them from contacting you. There are enough handsome guys to make this site worthwhile. I can practically guarantee a sex date every night of the week if I want. The best thing is that it's all anonymous. I would never behave like this in front of my mates, but because nobody knows me and it's all no-strings-attached fun, I can really let rip and make all my bisexual fantasies come true. If you're a girl on this site you can just about pull anyone you want! So easy!

Man's review in Bisexual Dating

Now the good part is there are real men and you can meet them after you wade through the threesome dating of the bisexual group. Meet & Greets are always fun and you get to meet the real people at those events.

I live in Holland, but am regularly back to the US so I looked in both places and there's so many fit men on this site. It's easy to use and there's a vast age range. I used to be a member of ******* but I reckon there's so many more opportunities on this site. I haven't met any of them yet, but I'm chatting up 3 different men at the moment. We've exchanged extra pics and it looks like I'll meet up with two of them soon! I'm hoping I can get them both to agree to a threesome! I'll keep you posted! Wish me good luck!!

As long as you keep your expectations realistic, then you won't be disappointed with Bilovecouples. It's a great place to meet casual bisexual partners, as long as you stay realistic.

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