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I'm not totally sure if all the pics I've seen online are genuine or not and I'm sure there are some that are fake, but it's still fun to look at them! Having said that, most people seem really genuine, and I've met quite a few girls on this site who seem up for anything. I guess it's harder if you're a guy, but you can still get laid quite often with this site if you try hard enough, and because almost everyone online has a really high sex drive, they all seem up for all sorts of things, like threesome, swinging or orgies, and so on. Although a lot just want one on one sex, which is also fine! I'm not sure how it compares to the other adult dating sites, but I've been a member of Bilovecouples for a couple of months now and will probably renew my subscription again for next month.

You're not going to meet a supermodel babe on the site, and if you think you are, then you'll be disappointed. If you see a profile with supermodel pictures then it's almost certainly a fake, so don't waste your time; and even if she isn't a fake, you don't stand a chance since every other guy in your hometown will be emailing her!

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There are lots and lots of women on Bilovecouples who are active members, who log-on all the time, are active in the chat rooms and reply to their emails, BUT they don't have pictures posted of themselves in their profiles. These are the forgotten majority! They get relatively few emails, winks or IM requests. And yet, many of these women are pretty, slim and amazingly kinky! They just don't want to post pictures of themselves on the site in case they get recognized by a friend, co-worker or family member. And who can blame them! If you target your emails towards women with no profile pictures, then your email will stand out in their inbox as being one of the few they've received. All the other men will be too busy emailing all the "hot supermodels" on the site who have better-than-life pictures posted of themselves who - let's face it - are probably fakes. (Then they come here to complain about it!) Even if these "supermodels" are not fakes, what makes you think that out of the thousands of men emailing them that they'll choose to reply to you? Get real! Focusing your attention on women with no pictures posted will give you a much better return on your investment.

It's true that you can't see what the women you're emailing look like, but you can ask for a photo in your first email, and you can usually get a good feel for their figure based on their "body type" description in their profiles. If you have some nice pictures posted of yourself (and I don't just mean pictures of your johnson!) then you have a good chance of getting a reply, especially if you take the time to read their profile first and ask them pertinant questions about it.

Be realistic - focus on women whose pictures are taken in their bedrooms or living rooms as opposed to having obviously been taken in a studio. Focus also on women who don't have pictures posted of themselves - as long as they were online within the last week. There are plenty of these women on the site, and most of them are genuine. If you focus your attention on these types of profiles and put in a little effort then you won't be disappointed.

This is what I do, and I get lucky on a regular basis!

members' responses in bisexual dating
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